Kanael Mmary

My name is Kanael Mmary, a 45 years old widow and a mother to three children from Nrao village and an active member of Nuru Nrao, Floresta VSLA group. Before, I struggled financially to provide for both my children and I, our housing condition was poor and it was a mud house. I dreamed of owning a modern house, taking my children to good schools and starting a dairy cattle project. Couple of years ago I met a few women at the market and they told me about Floresta, so I decided to join from where I learnt about financial management, business management and entrepreneurship. I was excited and started saving my weekly shares.

A while later I was able to take a series of loans at different times from my group, from which I managed to build a modern house I live in today, took my children to modern school and expanded my business to poultry, piggery and dairy cattle which all together improved my living condition. My children and I are at content and that encourages me a lot. I influenced many women in my community to join Floresta.

My sincere gratitude to the whole of Floresta team, I achieved most of my dreams today, most of all i started giving tithe. I don’t have suitable words that to express gratitude for the knowledge and remarkable achievements that I have got. May it expand and reach many villages and change the lives of other people. (September 2021)

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