Where & How we work

Where we work

Floresta Tanzania partners with small-scale farming families and other organizations to fight rural poverty and deforestation. We work in places where parents struggle to grow enough food just to feed their children every day. Yet even in the most difficult and seemingly hopeless areas, we see places of possibility—not places defined by their poverty

How we work

The organization activities are in 3 main categories. First is environmental restoration which covers good agricultural practices, tree planting and natural resource management. Second category is economic empowerment which insures that beneficiaries are able to live above the poverty line and lastly there is spiritual renewal which emphasize on restoring the relationship between human and God as well as his creation. The chart below summarized this concept.

We equip families to change their circumstances, provide for their children, and live with God-given hope and dignity.

Stopping the cycle of poverty and deforestation through tree planting and use of energy efficient stove.

Helping the poorest of the poor feed their families sustainably, we have worked with Seep Network and the other organization to address the issue of rural finance and food security.

For more information click on the link : Rural Finance 

Empowering families to build financial security through savings-led microfinance and facilitate distribution of solar lights to VSLA Members as well as non VSLA members.

Supporting local churches in their outreach and discipleship efforts.

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