Sinyati Ng’ida

Agriculture & Livestock Program Coordinator


Since assuming the role of Agriculture and Livestock Program Coordinator in February 2023, she’s demonstrated strong dedication, leveraging her prior experience as the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for the same program. With over three years of experience, she’s significantly impacted rural smallholder farmers by managing programs, conducting detailed research, and generating innovative ideas. Beyond farming, she’s also contributed to environmental protection.

Her passion for sustainable farming drives her to constantly seek better ways to assist farmers. Drawing insights from successful business owners and experienced farmers, she shares knowledge to benefit others. Her approach not only enhances farming practices but also uplifts communities, particularly those in rural areas, while prioritizing environmental conservation.

Honors and Awards

Completing a training on local fund-raising strategies thereafter earning a certificate

from Kenya Community Development Foundation

Being named 2nd place winner of Oral Presentations held at the Association of Research Directors (INC)

at Jacksonville U.S.A,

Best Employee

Of the First Quarter of year 2021.

Grouping and coordination 300 agribusiness SMEs across Africa

into 5 sectors (Dairy, Honey, Agri-input, Poultry and animal feeds and Fruits and Vegetables).

Grouping more than 70 Tanzanian SMEs

into Country Business Clubs.

Coordinating and planning

for agribusiness exposé.

Master of Science in Agribusiness (MSc. Agribusiness)

from Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University, U.S.A.

Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Economics and Agribusiness (BSc. AEA)

from Sokoine University of Agriculture

Agriculture research areas 93%
Writing project and funding proposals 90%
Preparing training materials 89%
Facilitating shared learning and technical growth of the team 95%
Monitoring progress of the adoption of different agricultural techniques 89%
Documenting findings from all farmer field schools 89%
Identifying potential investment areas and networking to form strategic partnerships on behalf of the organization. 91%
  • Forming and managing a network of agribusiness SMEs in Tanzania and agribusiness sector desks (poultry, Agri input, honey, horticulture and diary) in African countries (Tanzania, Malawi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda
  • Experienced in agriculture research gained from writing and publishing a paper on economics and cost effectiveness of bio-control (a case of mole crickets in Florida pasture land
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