I am Betha, 35 years old woman living at Lemira Kati village, married to Happgod Umburi (40) and a mother of two children. I am a member of Alpha Floresta VSLA group from Hai West Watershed. Before joining Floresta I was selling bananas at the market but the income was not sufficient to meet my family’s needs.  I heard about Floresta at our church when they came for sensitization and decided to join in 2017, from which I learned about financial management, business management and entrepreneurship.

After saving in the VSLA group for a couple of months, I was able to take loans from the group and increased my capital in my market business, bought building materials and started poultry and goat project. A year later I connected tapped water to my house and bought remaining building materials for completing my house. Years later, through my business and loans from the group I was able to complete my house to a level where I can move in with my family.

Floresta transformed my life to a better life even my neighbors are amazed by my improvements. My achievements have influenced many women in my community to join groups under Floresta. I am better person spiritually and I now give offerings at church. I look forward to complete my house and connect electricity to it.  I am glad I joined Floresta, God bless Floresta Family. (October, 2020)

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