Narinda Samwel

Meet Narinda Samwel a 48-years-old woman, a wife and a mother of five from Sabweni village, Same district. An active member of Floresta-Nyota Njema group. Early years Narinda and her family lived in a small house and could not afford enough food at all times, they incurred high costs in agriculture but the returns were extremely low. They depended on labor works as their main source of income which was not sufficient to meet their needs. Her neighbors lives were gradually changing for the better, she had to ask and they told her about Floresta then she decided to join.

Her dream was for her family to be food secured, live in a better house and for her children to go to better school. Within the group they received lessons on entrepreneurship and business management, agriculture and environmental management. Taking the lessons into practices, she now practices small scale coffee production, sells vegetables and owns dairy cow project, from which she earns enough money to meet her needs as they arise. After saving her shares in the group for some sometime, she was able to take loans and expanded her house to five rooms, and sent her children to a boarding school. Food insecurity is no longer a problem to her, both her family and her are happy. Narinda finds it comforting that in group meetings they read the word of God and pray for each other.

She owes her success to Floresta and claims she wouldn’t have made it this far without them. In the long run she dreams of managing a large poultry project, and since she’s still under Floresta she believes she will make it. She is a proud ambassador of Floresta and vows to spread the good deeds of Floresta Tanzania. (September. 2021)

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